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Personal Chefs Are The New Restaurants In Colorado Springs

Personal chefs are the new restaurants in Colorado Springs

Welcome to 2021!  For the past few months, I have been working on finding all of the positive aspects of this strange new world we are living in during the pandemic.  As a personal chef in Colorado Springs, I have been blessed with increased business as clients are reluctant to venture to a restaurant.  Currently, Colorado Springs is at a COVID-19 level “red”, which prohibits eating indoors at our local restaurants.  What to do if you have a special event?  Hire a personal chef to bring the restaurant to you!

Hosting your anniversary or birthday in your home may seem a little lack luster after being stuck inside since March.  Hiring a personal chef will elevate your event and bring a little luxury into your home.  

Allow me to take care of you

One of my favorite aspects of being a chef is caring for my clients.  This quote from Alice Water’s is truly my inspiration…

“Eating is about diversity.  It’s about replenishing.  It’s about concentration.  It’s about sensuality.  It’s about purity.  It’s about love.  It’s about compassion.  It’s about sharing.  How many things?  All of those, just in the experience of eating, if you decide you’re going to eat in a very specific way.  It changes your life, and it changes the world around you.”

Caring for each and every ingredient from the start comes through in each bite.  Seeing a chef in the kitchen preparing your meal with intention and serving you and your family will bring that birthday feeling to a new level.


I can’t remember an event that I have worked that didn’t include dietary restrictions.  But, have no fear, one of my unique niche’s is my intense training in specialized diets.  My culinary training at Bauman College was made for restrictions, we learned them all!  Give me your list and I will create a menu that includes everyone.  

Your husband loves Mexican food and your favorite is Japanese, where will you go for dinner?  Let’s blend all the flavor profiles you desire to make sure everyone gets their choice.

Healthier ingredients

Working with the best ingredients is one of the perks of a personal chef.  While creating your menu, I can guide you on the best, local, seasonal produce here in Colorado Springs.  Purchasing local, well crafted ingredients and using healthy fats is a mainstay of my practices.  

At the beginning of my culinary career, I spent many summers working with the Colorado Farm and Art Market.  As a result, this has allowed me to make long standing relationships with local farmers.  When purchasing groceries, I often travel to the farmer’s market, local butcher and even to my own backyard (or my neighbors) to gather a beautiful bounty.  My partner, Todd, and I even caught 8 rainbow trout for a baby shower!

Clean up

Sometimes I joke that I am a professional dish washer!  During this pandemic, that is even more true after cooking three meals a day for months at home.  With experience comes the ability to enjoy every aspect of your trade.  Cleaning at the end of an event is a way for me to bring closure to the day and pay honor to the hard work I have put in.  There is a meditative aspect to cleaning after cooking, I can finally relax knowing the hard part is over.  The energy is calm as everyone is sitting at the table, satiated, happy and relaxed.  You won’t have to lift a finger and you won’t know I was even there when I leave.

COVID-19 safety

In accordance with COVID-19 safety practices, I will wear a mask the entire time I am in your home.  As usual, all safe food protocols will be strictly followed.  Currently, I am asking guests to remain out of the kitchen and at least 10 feet away from my personal space while working.  More over, there are many pivots we can make to keep everyone safe, including individual plating and self serve stations.


In conclusion, during this time when restaurants are limited, hiring a personal chef is a great option.  We can make it perfectly customized, healthy, local and easy for your special event.  Send me a note and we will get to work!

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