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Certified Natural Chef, BS


I’ve been thinking about the idea of community and tribes lately.  As I look around my neighborhood and my town, I’ve noticed how each person has a unique contribution that builds strength from the ground up.  These actions, along with family life, take time and can cut into the ability to nourish yourself and your family.  My service to my community is to fill this gap and help you eat in the most nutritious way.

My culinary training, through Bauman College, was unique and cutting edge in its focus on alternative ingredients and therapeutic cooking.  I graduated with a keen understanding of how important diet can be in enhancing well-being and easing particular health conditions.  Focusing on seasonal, organic, unrefined and local foods, I try to optimize the nutrition in every ingredient I use when preparing meals for my customers.  For the past ten years, I have been on a quest to find the best tasting ingredients and merely enhance their flavors.  Throughout my career as a chef, I have worked hard to continue my education and stay up-to-date on the latest wellness science.

Working with a Certified Natural Chef is a very customized experience.  During our consultation, we will discuss your goals and expectations, and I will incorporate this into the meal I cook for you and your family.  I am currently focusing on private chef events.  I look forward to learning more about your event, your dietary goals and welcoming you into a new tribe of community members who are working together to support optimal well being and enjoyment.

"Chef Heather is not only a great chef, but the presentation was as amazing as the food was delicious. Having a private chef was a new and extremely fun experience. Would do it again in a heartbeat."

-Laurie Bolton, from Google 10/2020

"A friend had hired Heather for our mutual friend’s birthday dinner. Heather and her partner were amazing!! She flexed her culinary muscles in a kitchen that was somewhat limited in resources and did so without flinching. She and her partner were engaging with the guests and always maintained a sense of professionalism. The food presentation was second to none, as was the flavor. Very unique and creative menu! Without question she is 5 stars!"

-Jeffery Roidt, from Google 10/2020

"Heather catered my 50th birthday party and it was wonderful. She had to be flexible considering that at the last minute my new appliances were not delivered to my recently remodeled kitchen. I think “adaptable” is a good word for her! The food was delicious and VERY fresh. We enjoyed having her and her husband in our group and were very comfortable. Thanks for helping to make the party wonderful. My highest recommendation!"

-Amy Carnrick, from Google 10/2020

"Chef Heather was fantastic to work with. She came up with delicious and sophisticated menu ideas to chose from well in advance of the party. She was very patient with me as I went back and forth on what I thought would be good for the party. Heather is very responsive and punctual, all very important qualities for party planning. The Food was Amazing! The scallops were the best I've ever had. Everything was plated to perfection and looked beautiful. Thank you Heather for making our party a hit!"

-Ber Wall, from Google 10/2020

"Chef Heather was amazing to work with. In short notice she was able to work with me to do a post elopement brunch. Food was amazing and she was very professional and sweet! Such a great choice to go with her."

-Carla B., from Thumbtack 6/4/20

"We hired Heather to come to our AirBnB to make a special meal while we were house hunting. She was professional from the first interaction of setting up the dinner to her cleaning and leaving leftovers at the end of the meal. The food was amazing and felt curated to our wants. She brought what she needed for the meal and cleaned the kitchen to a state of sparkle! If you are looking for an amazing meal in an intimate setting that is personalized to your taste-call Heather."

-Tess K., from Thumbtack 3/16/20

"Chef Heather is fantastic! Our meal consisted of delicious steamed sea bass, roasted root vegetables, and a wild mushroom risotto. Fresh ingredients, perfectly portioned, and prepared simply without being simplistic; the entire meal had our group’s heads collectively nodding (the roasted strawberry compote over a homemade biscuit for dessert didn’t hurt either!). Highly recommend."

-Ryan W., from Thumbtack 12/20/19

"My experience was wonderful in every way. The food was delicious, top quality organic ingredients used and the presentation was excellent! Can’t wait to use their services again!"

-Donna J, from Thumbtack 12/18/19

"Heather was creative and listened allowing her to provide a healthy and ridiculously good meal. Very friendly and engaging. She’s fun to have around and she even cleans all the dishes!! Because of our great experiences with her we will hire her many more times in the future."
-Greg H., from Thumbtack 11/13/19

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Heather on a project.  She developed and tested a number of recipes for me, often under high-stress circumstances and tight deadlines, and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  Her recipes were creative, fresh, original and yet still timeless.  She's a true professional, and an absolute delight to work with!"

-Lisa Turner, Food Writer, Nutritional Consultant and Developer of The Healthy Gourmet Inspired Eats

"I hired Heather to be the private chef for a 4 day event.  I was beyond thrilled with not only her delicious food, but also the way she supported and treated my clients.  When I heard one client say, "I feel so cared for." I knew it was Heather that made her feel that way.  SCORE!  Heather was easy to work with, was able to accommodate my clients with special dietary needs and served scrumptious, clean-eating, meals that were still hearty and filling.   Now I'm trying to figure out how to fly her in for my retreats in other locations."
-Allison Crow, Better Life and Better Work Coach

"Chef Heather has prepared special dishes for my family and friends on several occasions.  She is confident and relaxed in the kitchen.  She easily takes simple, natural ingredients and creates very in-depth, flavorful dishes.  Heather shares her understanding of ingredients and makes it relevant to our health.  She has enlightened me and my idea of cooking to a whole new level.  I find myself asking questions beyond what the recipe requires: where did this ingredient come from, how will it effect my body, what is the process of creating this ingredient, how does this product effect the environment, can I use a more healthy option.  She is a fabulous chef and an inspiration to us all."

-Chantele Butler

"I'm in a book club and thought it would be a nice treat to have a healthy meal prepared for us.  Heather provided me with a menu with a variety of options to choose from.  It was difficult to choose because everything sounded so scrumptious!  She came to my house and prepared the food fresh.  All my guests really enjoyed the meal from start to finish and appreciated all the knowledge Heather provided about nutrition and preparation of the food we were eating.  She's been given a true gift and I recommend her services to anyone who would like to explore healthy foods and tasteful recipes."

-Donya Chacon-Eide

"Heather is wonderful!  This was our first time hiring a personal chef and we couldn't be happier.  We contacted Heather because we wanted healthy ideas for my mother who has stage 4 lung cancer.  Heather knew right away the type of diet we were looking for and is very knowledgeable about inflammatory causing foods.  Heather understands the importance of organic, non-toxic foods and has creative ideas to make simple dishes come to life without a lot of ingredients.  Heather is also truly cares about the family.  I would recommend her to anyone!"

-Andrea Johnson

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